Gichin Funakoshi

    1868 - 1957

The father of modern karate.

Bembridge Shotokan Karate Club

Saying "OSS" is a sign of respect and is used in the Dojo

    * At the start and finish of lessons

    * When bowing to your partner or opponent

    * Before asking a question

Karate training is based upon the development of discipline and respect

Dojo Etiquette

Observing karate etiquette is an essential element of training and is a fundamental expression of the respect due to your Sensei (instructor) and fellow karate ka (students)

When in the Dojo

* Always bow when entering or leaving the dojo

* Treat everyone with respect and bow to them as is appropriate

* Outdoor shoes are not worn in the dojo and are left in a suitable changing area

* Wear your Gi and Obi with pride keeping them clean and in good repair

* Do not bring food or drink into the dojo

* Do not eat or chew gum whilst training

* All mobile communication devices are to be switched off and left outside the dojo

* If you arrive late then kneel at the side of the class and join in when invited

* Always address your instructor as Sensei

* Line up quickly and in grade order 

* Keep finger and toe nails clean and short

* Remove any jewellery before training

* Any open wounds must be securely covered

* When performing activities with your opponent, bow at the beginning and end 

* Train at least twice a week where possible

* Keep your SEKU license up to date and renew it before expiry